Natural Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder

Now natural treatment are more popular then the ADD drugs because it can reduce ADD symptoms without bad side effect and pain. If you or your child would like to have a natural treatment you  can continue read this paragraph. It will be very useful.


Diet Treatment

ADD patient have a different level of food allergic, research shows. Avoiding some food or ingredients in daily meal can help to reduce and manage ADD symptoms. Most of the ADD patients need to avoid artificial food, sugar or can drinks, junk food and dairy product. Take notes that different people are allergic on different things so find out what food you or your kids allergic for.

Scientist also recommend ADD patient eat more food that include vitamin that goods for their brain. Food that is good for brain includes Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B and protein. Chinese Master suggests his ADD patient to take more food which includes these 3 nutrients.

Chinese Master has a diet plan for his ADD patients. If you need a professional and balance diet plan, you can contact Chinese Master. ADD patients from more than 50 countries request the ADD Diet Plan because the diet plan is very effective to control their ADD symptoms.

Game Treatment

Game Treatment can help to train our brain to focus, analyze and release the stress. Some of the research shows, ADD patient had a different level of stress and the stress will causes the ADD symptoms become worst.

Game treatment will include puzzle game, video game, imagination game and others. ADD Game Treatment had successful to help the ADD kids improve their attention and concentrate level, analyzing technique, and memorizing level.

Alternative Treatment – Neuro Acupuncture

The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is to puncture the scalp to flow the energy inside the brain. This could help to activate the energy in brain and to reduce the symptoms. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture for ADD had been proven by a lot of practice. It does help ADD patient to reduce their ADD symptoms. Some of the people with ADD before taking acupuncture, they are using Ritalin or Adderall to manage their symptoms and help them to focus. The reason they switch to acupuncture is because the Ritalin and Adderall brings a lot of bad side effect such as difficult to sleep, no appetite, and the most worst things happen is their mental starting not normal. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture for ADD patient is also good for who had taken drugs from doctor. Acupuncture can help the patient to reduce the drugs bad side effect and reduce ADD symptoms at a time.

Alternative Treatment – Chinese Herbal Brain Powder

To shorten the ADD treatment period, Chinese Master suggests taking Herbal Brain Powder when taking neuro acupuncture treatment. Herbal Brain Powder is using herbal formula which founded by the Chinese Master old families and had been improve by Chinese Master long time ago. Chinese Master had gave the Brain Powder to his patients, the brain powder had shows the effectiveness. Patient around the world who cannot meet Chinese Master, they can order the powder online. The response from the patients who order online is very good and more patients order it through online.


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